O1. Enabling technology transfer and validation in different industrial sectors (white goods, metrological engineering, elevators production industries and steel parts production), by designing, applying, testing and quantifying SERENA technologies in terms of feasibility, adaptability, scalability and flexibility.

O2. Enabling remote factory condition monitoring and control and derive and separate the ‘smart data’ from the ‘big data’ based on edge computing capabilities.

O3. Developing AI condition based techniques and planning of production and maintenance activities, by using AI methods for condition based monitoring and planning, hybrid methods (physics-models & data-driven approaches) for increased prediction accuracy.

O4. Enabling AR-based tools for remote assistance and operator support, by introducing AR device for providing critical information or guidance to the maintenance personnel within the factory.

O5. Plug-and-play concept for cloud-based platform enabling predictive diagnostics, by managing the data remotely, applying data analytics and predictive maintenance algorithms in a remote cloud and proposing corrective actions and guidance for maintenance in near real time and in the correct place within the factory.