SERENA’s vision is: “to introduce a powerful platform to aid manufacturers in simplifying their maintenance burdens, by reducing costs, time and improving the productivity of their production processes

In particular, the SERENA system foresees to:

  1. gather and process data from different devices and sensors within the factory by integrating a smart data collection device;
  2. distinguish the ‘smart data’ from the ‘big data’ considering edge computing methods;
  3. apply advanced data analytics, AI methods and hybrid methods considering physics model and data driven approaches for predicting potential failures and improve process related parameters;
  4. allow remote access and data processing in cloud for predicting maintenance actions;
  5. enable easy-to-use interfaces for managing data and providing human operator support for machines status and maintenance guidance using AR devices;
  6. fully demonstrate in different applications (white goods, metrological engineering and elevators production) and investigate applicability in steel parts production industry (extended-demonstration activities) checking the link to other industries (automotive, aerospace etc.) showing the versatile character of the project.